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The Management

Ms. Kiara Saubidet

As an intuitive healer and empath I have been healing people for 10 years or so.

Physical well-being goes along with psychological well-being. I deal with both.

Healing people who are in front of me and also people who live far away. I am training in the art of Tao energy also called Chi that helps people get strong and have their energy circulate everywhere in the body(it is complementary of the chakra work). I work on Chakra balance and global well-being. I work with the guidance of Ascended Masters and of the Divine Light. The body and the soul are linked so healing the body I also heal the soul. I visualize the body entirely and am guided to where healing is needed. I Believe My healing abilities are a gift from the Gods.

More than once have some of my clients called me to say how well they felt after a session with me and how many have told me they were rid of their problem.I have felt for almost all my life it was my path to help people and in the past 25 years it has become crystal clear that I am to do body-soul healing. I keep perfecting my knowledge as much as I am offered to do so. The well-being of people is my passion which guide me to “Navjeeva” with the meaning  New Life Through Healing touch.

As Like Chakra Balance and Global Wellbeing, Chanting of OM (AUM) Mantra had given me invaluable skills to integrate a spiritual perspective in to my everyday Life and have literally turned my life around.

Mr.R. Rajesh

Who had been in the Industry Since 2007 and had  been the Director at Navjeevaspa Since 2012 .  Mr.Rajesh had awarded by TMC School ChiangMai, Thailand and Guided By the Tao Master  Ms. Kiara Saubidet , France.

I am sure many of you have heard of  Spas ( Healing Through Water ) - destinations dedicated to healthy living, with an emphasis on mind, body and spirit.

The most challenging part of my job is ensuring the large volume of guests that come through Navjeeva Spa on a weekly basis receive the rewarding Spa experience. The most rewarding part of my job is when the staff at Navjeeva makes the above happen every hour of every day.

As I see the Industry taking in the next 10 Years  I continue to see growth in the industry; however, not at the pace that has been reported. I would like to see a governing body or association develop guidelines and requirements that spas must attain to be included in the mentioned association. At Navjeeva,  our very successful philosophy encompassing work- New Life through Healing.


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