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Spa Massages


At Navjeevaspa we drew on the benefits of a range of Asian and European techniques which can be tailored to your personal wellness needs. Allow our spa concierge to help you select the appropriate massage therapy and oils to suit your needs.

Signature Massage :

Lavish yourself with an exclusive massage which integrates Swedish,Deeptissue,Myofacial and lymphatic Drainage techniques to remove restrictions and promote fluid movement in the body. 60 min

Head Neck Shoulders :

Relieve work stress , tension and headache . 30min

Deeptissue :

Find relief for sore, stiff muscles through deep kneading on buried muscles and knots helping to release restrictions and improving agility. 90 min.

Thai Massage :

This secession includes rocking, compression and stretching postures which create a rhythmic flow. Improve muscle flexibility and agility. Remain fully clothed in loose workout attire. 60 min

Lymphatic Drainage :

This gentle technique helps to reduce swelling and edema by returning excess fluid and nutrients to the circulatory system by improving normal lymph flow which helps to reduce pain and may strengthen the immune system. 60 min.

Aroma Therapy :

Essential Oils blended using Ayurvedic techniques , specifically with the client concerns in mind and applied in a relaxing massage that helps to release tension , reduce muscle fatigue and soothe the body. 60 min.

Cupping :

This massage uses the art of suctioning the skin to release adhesions in the deep fascia and muscles, move lymph, help to diminish scarring and relieve pain from chronic and old injuries by increasing blood flow of the circulatory system. 60 min.

Vital therapy :

Bring balance on a physical, mental and emotional level initiating the body’s own ability to heal itself through its energy flow. 30 min.

Foot Reflexology :

Manipulation of specific reflex points in the foot to stimulate healing and balance both to the structure and function of the body. 60 min

Pre/Post-natal :

Essential Oil that is safe for pregnancy is used to massage away aches and pains. Special techniques are used to allow for ease in breathing and helps relieve discomfort in the low back and pelvic region. Every care with the mom- to- be. 60 min

Accupressure :

Ease pain of aches, menstrual cramps, decrease stress, anxiety and many emotional disorders using acupressure points . 45 min.

Thai Ayurveda :

Combined techniques through the energy lines and chakras to improve the energy level, flexibility, detoxifying and reducing mental stress. 60 min.

Hot Stone Massage :

Smooth stones of various shapes and sizes are heated to retain a specific temperature to relax arms , legs, back & feet. Heated stones penetrate muscles to assure a blissful massage done by an experienced therapist. 60 min

Navjeeva Spa back therapy

A treat to who back after a long flight or too much time to spend behind a desk. This back therapy oil massage will work through all your muscles and gently loosen up your tensions. Feel relieved and energized. 40 min.

Foot & Lower leg Massage

Perfect for tired feet, especially after a long flight. The treatment will relax and invigorate through the therapeutic Massage with a selection of aromatic oils. 30 min.


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