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Navjeeva Spa Day packages

Navjeeva Wellness Spa is pleased to present you its daily programs. Each one of them has been carefully designed for you to benefit from our services.

Stress Release

This ritual begins with the 90-minute Spirit of Navjeeva Wellness Spa, including a full body scrub, yogurt splash and traditional Balinese massage, to get you in the right frame of mind for your wellbeing experience. This is followed by healthy lunch at Spa Café, up to 2 hours in the Aquatonic Seawater Therapy Pool, your choice of a facial or hair spa treatment, and finally Yoga and Meditation. A true Stress Release like no other!

Treatment Time10am - 6pm (actual duration of activities totals 6 hours 20 minutes)
RateUSD 250+ per person
Recovery Spa-rty (post-wedding)

Your  wedding day celebrations are over and it's now time to completely relax and enjoy the beginning of your new life together. This celebratory couple's spa package in Navjeeva wellness Spa starts with flower petal  foot wash and a choice of either a body scrub or mask. Enjoy a herbal flower bath together before a deep tissue Balinese massage using age-old techniques to relieve even the most stubborn knots in your body. Finally, your therapist will administer a nourishing cream bath with a sublime scalp massage using a deep conditioning treatment to restore shine and vibrancy to your hair.

Treatment Time2hours 20 minutes
RateUS$ 200/couples
Global Anti-Aging Treatment

This 2 hour 30 minute experience is a top-to-toe treatment to restore vital minerals to your skin, improve elasticity and firmness, and promote radiance and a more youthful, bright appearance. Starting with a nourishing and moisturizing foot wash, the treatment continues with an anti-aging body massage with an anti-oxidant modelage oil to restore skin radiance and elasticity, and coral algae scrub to remove dead skin and leave your whole body feeling like new. Then, experience a unique twist on the traditional bath with our fruit bath, containing whole oranges, apples, lemons, fresh mint leaves to infuse your skin with natural vitamins and minerals. Your age-defying treatment concludes with a 50-minute Global Anti-Aging facial to improve your facial skin's elasticity, restore density, nourish and soften the epidermis, and renew radiance. All products are from Thermes Marin's Global Anti-Aging range, featuring seaweed-based products and marine collagen to reduce the signs of ageing and protect the skin from harmful elements we encounter in daily life such as sun and pollutants.

Treatment Time2,5 hours
RateUSD 125/Single
Amazing Jade

"A Warm and Cool Jade Stone Ceremony to Soothe Body, Mind and Spirit" - Your two and a half hour luxury Navjeeva spa package starts with a sumptuous Jade Stone foot bath ritual and ends with a rejuvenating twenty four point foot reflexology and clarifying Jade Stone facial. In between is a never to be forgotten body massage inspired by Swedish and deep tissue techniques using a precious all Jade set of warm and cool stones that will balance yin and yang, revive your senses and leave you feeling relaxed and vibrant.

*If you have any medical issues, please contact spa coordinator upon reservation.

*This treatment is not available for those who are sunburned.

Treatment Time2 hours, 30 mins
RateUS$ 250/ Single

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